Paying Attention


Excerpt from Love Promised, Chapter Eight, Do You Have Horizon Wireless on Your Side?

Many believe that an understanding of quantum mechanics explains how our eyes are truly the projector to our world while our thoughts create our reality.  The philosophical implications of our behavior alone, I believe, can change our world when this concept is better understood and practiced.  For as someone once said, watch your thoughts, for they become your words; choose your words, for they become actions; understand your actions, for they become habits; study your habits, for they become your character, develop your character, for it becomes your destiny.

I think it’s not only time for us to watch our thoughts but also to pay more attention to what we are thinking, and why. With regard to listening to our higher self, spirit guides, or angels over the horizon, Russell says, those who have the ability are 90%; out of that 90%, 60% don’t hear the message or, if they do, they don’t follow their guidance.  Only 10% of that 90% try to open their awareness to really listen, following their guidance. The rest, or 20%, blows off the message or experience, entirely as a coincidence.  Sometimes u all take it wrong…human interpretation, so hard to keep on the same wavelength.  Also, there are more interferences than u think, it’s hard 4 u to not add your own thought. 

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Happy 4th to all Americans who celebrate the United States becoming an independent nation, a critical milestone in history where like-minded individuals established a new foundation for their way of thinking, living and being. And although this word is most often associated with politics, I like to broaden it in terms of independent thinking for this truly is how it begins.

Thinking can be described as reasoning power, but then it also means the power to imagine or conceive, an idea. One uses the left, more analytical part of our brain and the other, our right brain, where spatial perception allows us to see all possibilities. But what is it that balances the two? It’s the vital organ in our body which lies 18 inches below it! It is how we feel about an idea that gives it life in our world!

As evolving human beings we are naturally dependent, or influenced and conditioned, by our past. Our lives are filled with preconceived ideas, or those that have been handed down to us by whomever wrote our history. But free thinking is what allows us to forge ahead with some old ideas and explore new ones, for this is truly how new paradigms are created, nations are formed and history books are rewritten. With any idea, whether it be old or new, it is always wise to use our intuition, or think with a balanced brain supported by the heart, so that we can gage for ourselves whether something is right for us.

Independent thinking? I “think” so 🙂 And possibly this is what James Allen meant when he said, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

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Who are you mad at?

OR “What did you want to say today that you didn’t?” These were the questions I was asked by my father back in the 70s when I was a teenager, if I came home from school with a sore throat. And quickly, I would remember an incident, even if I wasn’t prepared to admit it or share it. He knew what he was doing, however, he was making me think…think about what I was doing to myself!

Yes, among many others, Dad had read a book by Louise Hay entitled, “You Can Heal Your Life”, one of the first on a theoretical philosophical basis that linked distinct emotions to certain health issues. Today, 40+ years later, physicians now know how stress can affect the human body, lowering its immune system leaving it defenseless, where at one time the idea of ‘mind over matter’ was considered ridiculous by many. Ah, yes, as George Bernard Shaw says, “All evolution in thought must first appear as heresy or misconduct.”

Today, Louise has helped to create an empire of wisdom with like-minded thinkers – doctors, physicists, counselors, psychics (yes, psychics) who are truly reshaping our world. Tune into the Hay House World Summit where 150K people are already registered (for free!) listening to the wisdom of the ages. Click on the link below to join… and do enjoy 🙂

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A Moment in Time with Russell

Excerpt from Love Promised – Chapter Two

One Saturday afternoon, Russell stopped by again and this time asked if he could come inside to talk.  The day before he had helped to clean off my patio and replace an outside door lock that no longer had a key to open it.  He wanted me to know what he had done on my patio and then asked if he could sit down because there was something he wanted to tell me that he was a little nervous about.  He looked very serious, so I asked him if everything was okay.  What he told me next caught me totally off guard.  He started out by saying that he had not been with a woman in quite some time.  My first thought was, “Why is he telling me this if he possibly means it in that way?”  Nevertheless, I made no assumptions and waited for further explanation.  After all, perhaps he had no one else to talk with and needed some guidance since this is not an easy subject to discuss with just anyone, especially your parents.  Very cautiously, he went on to say that less than two months earlier he had been released from a seven-year prison sentence for inadvertently killing a man in a car accident.  The details followed.

Hearing this story, my heart immediately sank and I could feel compassion start to well up inside me.  Tears began to form in his eyes too, as he said, “Kent, I never wanted that man to die.”  My heart went out to Russell and for some reason I began to tell him some things that, by his reaction, I’m not sure he had ever heard before or could even believe.  Other than family and a few friends, these were thoughts usually kept to myself.

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A Salute to Mother Earth

Seeing Mother Earth from this perspective is surreal, isn’t it?  Over the years satellite images have been taken of our beautiful planet from space and when we celebrate Earth Day, I like to stare at this photo credited to NASA and NOAA.  It’s more commonly known as The Blue Marble.


Thoughts race through my head about how beautiful she is, and yet fragile, as she gracefully traverses through space staying within her orbit of the Sun and other planets in our Milky Way galaxy.  She tilts slightly on her axes and some years more than others, as her poles shift slightly like in very recent years.

Staring at The Blue Marble makes me think of evolution—not so much the evolution of man, for that continues to be a question in the minds of many—but the evolution of consciousness leading up to how man’s thinking has evolved through the years.  Our thoughts are limited in nature by what we can see with our physical eyes even though most of us believe there is so much more.  This is historically a result of our religious thinking, but possibly someday also due to scientific discoveries.  As an example, science is discovering more every day about this subatomic world and even parallel universes that might be right in front of our faces but we don’t know it, because we can’t see beyond three dimensions.  We giggle now to think so long ago, how we once thought the world was flat.  Then we surprised ourselves with the advent of telescopes during the middle of the last millennium and found that we were not in the center of everything, yet revolving along with other planets around the sun that perpetuates physical life.  And it was Isaac Newton who was considered crazy and deemed an occultist as he tried to explain this “invisible” force of gravity to his fellowmen…now considered sound science.

Are new discoveries being made today regarding other life-sustaining planets, or this subatomic world, beginning to revolutionize science once again?  Undoubtedly, it is.  And I also believe a greater understanding of our world will help us to better understand human beings and, even more, to know that there is an omnipotent creator not merely natural selection.  And just possibly we can begin to understand this thing we call death. It’s not uncommon for people to fear what they don’t understand or reject new ideas because their minds have been programed a certain way.   But as George Bernard Shaw once said, and as we have witnessed throughout history, “All evolution in thought must first appear as heresy and misconduct.”

In 2009, Bernard d’Espagnat, an 87-year-old French physicist and philosopher of science in Paris, won a $1.4 million prize from the John Templeton Foundation for his work on the philosophical implications of quantum mechanics.  He stated:

Noting that the rules governing the behavior of subatomic particles contravene common-sense notions of reality, Dr. d’Espagnat, a professor emeritus at the University of Paris-Sud, coined the term “veiled reality” to describe a world beyond appearances, which science can only glimpse and which could be compatible with higher forms of spirituality.

As we salute our beautiful planet today, it’s exciting to contemplate the future and how life can be better understood when viewing it from both perspectives, science and theology.  The implications to humankind surrounding the new discoveries may be far reaching.  As we continue to search both our inner space, and also outer space, let’s be sure to take care of our home, spaceship Earth, and then look upon each new discovery as if we were a little child again…with awe, wonder and, above all, an open mind.

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Belief in an afterlife helps in the healing of grief

Death touches us all, yet it is the least understood experience we’ve come to know as human beings.  As the Bible (King James Version) tells us in Proverbs 4:7 “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get wisdom; and with all thy getting, get understanding.”

Are we more than a finite being?  Can the infinite part of us, which is connected to our creator via strings of light, learn more?  As a soul, we come here with the gift of freewill—to think, to choose, to explore, to discover, and then to know.  And it’s my belief that the more we understand that death is just a part of life, not the opposite of it, the easier and quicker we will work through the five stages of grief that Elisabeth Kübler-Ross told us about many years ago… denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance.   Is there someone you know who is suffering from having lost a loved one or who is fearful of the death experience, possibly themselves?  An article written for Essential Wellness magazine (pg. 22)  that may help someone with their beginning stages of healing…  Blessings to those in Boston who are trying to heal on so many levels.   The heart of our nation feels for you.

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God, Heaven and Hell – Answer to a Question

Can I ask a question please, I like the idea that is being promoted here, but what are you really saying?  That there is not God, heaven, hell?  Does everyone who dies go to the same place, including perverts, pedophiles, murderers?  [Question taken from the Love Promised FB page]


First, it’s my belief that there is nothing BUT this omnipotent force we call God and you might equate it to a river of love.  As a human being, we do not know it’s magnificence. You are also existing in this world of duality where there are the extremes of what we call good and bad, i.e., heaven and hell. It’s my belief that the souls you describe will cross over whilst shedding their physical form to a level of being that is much lower on the evolutionary scale of consciousness.  With unconditional love, they will not only see for themselves, but they will also feel all the pain that they ever inflicted upon another (whether it be human or animal).  The level to which they ascend when crossing over will be the same as those who made the same choices in their lives while here.  Left among souls of the same (birds of a feather flock together), they are glad to be where they are (better than experiencing a hell on Earth) but they are miserable.  Although, like everyone else, they are given the opportunity to grow spiritually by balancing their karma, or their experiences.  This may entail choosing to come back in this dimension and experience the same pain they caused another (law of cause and effect; Isaac Newton’s 3rd Law of motion; we are particles of mass in motion) but from there the soul continues to learn, grow, evolve and love all.  This also gives the one who is on the receiving end of this negative energy, an opportunity to learn forgiveness.

When we only perceive the world through our ego and human eyes, life seems very unfair; but in the larger scheme of things, it truly is all in divine order.  This is God’s playground and with the gifts of reason and freewill, as a soul, we are given the opportunity to choose our experiences, all the while knowing it’s not home and there is no such thing as death…I call it a stage of life.  We are perfect sparks of creation, yet we come here in this dimension as imperfect beings.  We are given commitments to live by… for how, or why, could God command an imperfect being.  I believe that we learn by failure and when we are able to look out into the world “through God’s eyes” it will be only in beautiful observation.  Life? You might compare it to us being the Mario playing our game, mastering the next level, ascending on to the next… while God, our angels and guides are watching over us trying to help without interference.  Is it part of the design we agreed upon?  I think so.  And the key to our evolving is love and forgiveness, for ourselves and others. (Commitments, these powerful emotions, and judgment are talked about in Love Promised)

We truly hold ourselves in bondage.  When we are able to live in total peace, we become aware of our ever present being with God, regardless of how many dimensions we may be experiencing at the same time.  Pay attention to scientific research. They are taking very seriously the theory of parallel universes which I’m told will be proven in 2019.  The more we discover about multiverses, or more than one universe that we may possibly exit in, the more we may discover about ourselves and the world around us.  As Socrates said, “Know Thyself”.   And, may we always continue our quest to do so.

Hope this answered your questions, Elaine, blessings to you from my perspective of life.

Science of Nature

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The – Out-of-Body Experiences

Do you remember your out-of-body experiences?  I invite you to read my recently published interview with Kathryn Williams who writes for The in a section entitled, “Healthy Living.” – Included are a few photographs that are very special to me and I would be happy to answer any questions about them or the article itself.  The Examiner – Out-of-Body Experiences

It’s my belief that everyone has out-of-body experiences whether, or not, they are aware of them.  Yes, many of you have heard the phrase by Teilhard de Chardin, a French Jesuit and philosopher who lived from 1881 – 1955.   And he said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  From my own conscious experiences starting at a very early age, I learned this all to well.  So when I heard this beautiful quote several years ago, I silently exclaimed, “YES!”

Now, because of even more unique experiences, it’s become my passion in life to help others understand that these moments in life are very natural!   If you are inclined to read the interview, I do hope you enjoy.  And please fill free to share you own unique OBEs.  ♥

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Death – Moving through Dimensions

Excerpt from Chapter 7, “Cords! Our Link to Each Other  and to Our Universe”, subtitle “Parallel Universes”

“As we were told over several sessions…Currently 11 dimensions or parallel universes make up our universe as a whole.  A smaller, very unstable 12th parallel universe existed and, like a big wave, undulating vibration, universe one reached out and touched eleven, causing an event which humans call the Big Bang.  Parallel universe 12 was absorbed by 1 and 11 and provided more heavy mass to make yours reality.  They are dense, not yet stable so there is a veil of separation.  At a point, they will become stable and the veil will disappear.   

Dad and Russell stepped aside when my guide, St. Thomas, arrived to explain a little more, knowing my confusion.  “My dear, blessed are u.  The many universes are parallel, same but different.  A universe is only a finite plane with light; 11 and 1 are both dense and reflective of past experiences.  They are identical; have the same time; and are reflective of each other.  A soul can travel to others and back to heaven without the death experience.  Remember, the answer is in the light and the soul has many facets.  Ponder, goodbye.”  Okay, I thought, that’s a lot to ponder!”

02 Death moves us

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The Silver Cord

Excerpt from Love Promised, Chapter One –

Not long after these experiences in the early ‘90s, I began browsing the New Age section of the bookstores.  My silent search to learn about OBEs led me down only a few avenues, as there were not many books written on the topic 40 years ago.  During a trip to visit my brother and his family in Virginia, when I was in my teens, Dad took me to a bookstore at the Edgar Cayce Institute to help me find something that might provide insight into my experiences.  But it wasn’t until later that I purchased an amazing book that brought tears to my eyes: The Silver Cord-Lifeline to the Unobstructed, by Martha Barham, and James Greene.  My quest for answers to some long-held questions had finally been satisfied.  Unlike inspirational books, which were no doubt extraordinary, this one provided knowledge that rang true to my heart and helped me to understand that my experiences were, in fact, normal.

 “Even though our body and soul are tightly intertwined and the curtain is drawn during our incarnation, the entity within us has out-of-body experiences (OBEs) all through our physical life….We are not usually aware of leaving our body, as this occurs most naturally in sleep, when the physical body is at rest and safe.”  (Silver Cord—Lifeline to the Unobstructed)

I immediately honed in on the words “not usually,” and feeling relieved while wiping my tears, I was so eager to read more that I didn’t put the book down until finishing it that same weekend.  The authors go on to say that the OBE is very nurturing for us, as we actually go “home” into an unobstructed universe, and we usually don’t have a clear memory since the experience is screened from our conscious mind upon returning.  Furthermore, they say, “this is so designed in order to maximize the challenges during our search for individual destiny.”

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