Spirit Communication

Excerpt from the introduction:

Now, even among those who may be prone to believe it is possible to communicate with someone in spirit, there may be some who feel we still don’t fully understand the process. This may be true, but it doesn’t negate the fact that a good number of people believe it happens. And, are there not just too many synchronicities and supposed coincidences not to pay more attention to what could be happening, and then explore, so we can know and understand?

It also stands to reason that one doesn’t have to fully understand the source of all being, to recognize and appreciate the beauty of Earth’s creations that are far beyond man’s ability to create. This omnipotent power has been given many names, e.g., God, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, and is sometimes even referred to as Spirit, or simply X. From here on, I will refer to our source of being as God, since this verbiage is the most familiar. Wouldn’t God want us to comprehend the source of all being so we could understand ourselves more? As the Bible (King James Version) tells us in Proverbs 4:7 “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get wisdom; and with all thy getting, get understanding.”

I can still hear the echo of those words from my father. So, if spirit communication were not possible; or if possible, should be avoided, then how or why would biblical prophets or angels have spoken with us in the far distant past in order to impart their knowledge or prophecy that is also written in the Bible? Should we have not listened to them then? Should we then not believe these stories in the Bible? Could there possibly be prophets among us today who are just not yet acknowledged as prophets?

About lovepromised

Kent Smith Adams is the founder of Universal Life Strings LLC. ULS is an organization that promotes the understanding of death as a part of life, and brings a higher level of awareness where life and the afterlife meet. Kent is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® ; her passions have led her on a lifelong study of metaphysics and more recently, theoretical science. A NASA contractor for 24 years, Kent now works as an Operational Psychology Coordinator in the human spaceflight operations program, supporting astronauts and their families. She lives in Houston, TX. www.UniversalLifeStrings.com
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