Happy 4th to all Americans who celebrate the United States becoming an independent nation, a critical milestone in history where like-minded individuals established a new foundation for their way of thinking, living and being. And although this word is most often associated with politics, I like to broaden it in terms of independent thinking for this truly is how it begins.

Thinking can be described as reasoning power, but then it also means the power to imagine or conceive, an idea. One uses the left, more analytical part of our brain and the other, our right brain, where spatial perception allows us to see all possibilities. But what is it that balances the two? It’s the vital organ in our body which lies 18 inches below it! It is how we feel about an idea that gives it life in our world!

As evolving human beings we are naturally dependent, or influenced and conditioned, by our past. Our lives are filled with preconceived ideas, or those that have been handed down to us by whomever wrote our history. But free thinking is what allows us to forge ahead with some old ideas and explore new ones, for this is truly how new paradigms are created, nations are formed and history books are rewritten. With any idea, whether it be old or new, it is always wise to use our intuition, or think with a balanced brain supported by the heart, so that we can gage for ourselves whether something is right for us.

Independent thinking? I “think” so 🙂 And possibly this is what James Allen meant when he said, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

About lovepromised

Kent Smith Adams is the founder of Universal Life Strings LLC. ULS is an organization that promotes the understanding of death as a part of life, and brings a higher level of awareness where life and the afterlife meet. Kent is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® ; her passions have led her on a lifelong study of metaphysics and more recently, theoretical science. A NASA contractor for 24 years, Kent now works as an Operational Psychology Coordinator in the human spaceflight operations program, supporting astronauts and their families. She lives in Houston, TX.
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2 Responses to Independence!

  1. Barbara Maxson Proud says:

    …”think with a balanced brain supported by the heart, so that we can gage for ourselves whether something is right for us.”… I like this Kent, and I think it should be taken further to include “others” as we gage with our hearts and minds whether something is right. I think consideration for the people (and other living things) with whom we share space on this Earthly plane has been lacking for too long. When we as a people begin to consistently gage with the balance of head and heart, and give graciously of our gifts without expectations – oh! what freedom we shall come to know!

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