From the time Kent Smith was a little girl growing up in Kentucky she knew she was more than a physical body. Throughout her childhood, before falling into deep sleep, Kent would often slip into “Out of Body” experiences. Until sometime in her adulthood, these experiences were a mystery to her. At the age of 11, she awoke one day and told her parents that she was not afraid to die. Sensing a close connection to an omnipotent power many of us call God, Kent always felt guided and protected.

In addition to attending church, Smith’s father also introduced his family to a philosophy of life called “Concept-Therapy”. As a result she learned about life from both a spiritual and scientific point-of-view. Kent graduated from Murray State University in 1976 with a degree in social sciences. In the early 90’s, Kent found a book that changed her life:  The Silver Cord: Lifeline to the Unobstructed, by Martha Barham, and James Greene. Smith finally found an explanation for her “Out of Body” experiences.

With the new millennium Kent was happy in her aerospace career however her personal life took a nose dive. In May of 2002, someone with whom she was in love sadly and very unexpectedly died. Then it happened again in late 2005. After the loss of her lover Russell, Kent prayed for help with both the trauma of her grief, and a deep desire to help others with their grief. She had no idea at the time what she was asking for…however, out of this request, the experiences behind Love Promised began.

Smith’s adventures with Russell, and her father Wick, both “on the other side”, developed into weekly or bi-weekly communication. Beginning in December 2005, and continuing since then, very specific details—names, dates, places, events—about their future lives together were revealed. Directed to go on spiritual scavenger hunts to validate information she had been told, Kent discovered curious synchronistic evidence. Smith’s spiritual scavenger hunts eventually took her and family overseas to discover past life connections between her, Russell, and other family members.

Currently Kent works as an Operational Psychology Coordinator in the Human Spaceflight Operations Program, supporting astronauts and their families. She is the founder of Universal Life Strings LLC, an organization that promotes the understanding of death as a part of life, and the awareness of where life and the afterlife meet. Kent hosts Houston gatherings for individuals who want to explore consciousness beyond the physical existence from both a spiritual and scientific perspective. As a grief and bereavement coach and intuitive, she is available to speak with individuals or groups who have faced the death of a loved one, or who are struggling with making this transition themselves. www.UniversalLifeStrings.com

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