Growing up – The Gift in a Song

Excerpt from Chapter One

My growing-up years were some of the best of my life. I can still remember my father saying to me, “Honey, you can turn on the radio and get a message from God through music any time; just think of a number and turn to that station, then listen.” And, oddly enough, during some of my most trying times, reassuring words or words of wisdom would come through on the radio station at just the right time.

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Inner Space

Excerpt from the introduction:

I have to admit, though, my love of outer space comes second to my yearning to know more about our inner space. It was the afterlife that became a passion for me at a very young age…an inner search to understand personal experiences that I later found were classified as paranormal. And growing up in the 1960s and 70s in the small town of Fulton, Kentucky, answers were not easily found, even though I sat outside at night by myself just staring at the stars, hoping for an answer. This yearning to know more led me down many paths in search of the truth. And though studying and finding many satisfying ones, I never considered myself an expert in this area. However, I don’t think spirit communication has been fully understood in past decades or possibly even centuries; basically, what we don’t understand, many times we fear. Furthermore, much of what we fear, we totally reject on some level of thinking. Possibly there were people living in biblical times who deeply feared the unknown and, because of that, warned us in the Bible that such things should be avoided at all costs. However, it was quite accepted in the Bible that prophets were spoken to by God, his angels, and even Jesus once he left the Earthly plane of existence.

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Remembering to Ask for Help

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need help emotionally or even physically and quickly? Your boyfriend or girlfriend may have broken up with you unexpectedly, or you had to call an ambulance for the emergency of someone you love.

We all find ourselves in situations that are truly gut-wrenching. It’s also been called “having the rug pulled out from under you” because the next thing you know you, you feel like you are face down on the floor or a panic attack is just around the corner…you actually feel and sense it getting ready to emerge. Since life is truly a test, we don’t always get the message that something dire is getting ready to happen. Truthfully, it would be like having a cheat sheet—so what’s the purpose, where’s the learning?—if we know the scenario and answers ahead of time. The best test in life is experience and we are doing this all the time—experiencing life. Continue reading

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“Live for Today”—the Holy Grail?

Three Little Words That Can Change the World

Yes, we hear this little phrase often, but if we really stop to think about what it means, it’s truly the philosophical Holy Grail of life. Why? If you are living in the past, it may be with regret. You wish you had chosen this instead of that. You wish you had gone there instead of here. The subsequent energy or emotions that are attached to these thoughts can range from slight disappointment to anger or frustration. You are mentally beating yourself up or wanting to make someone else responsible for your choices in life. And don’t beat yourself up for that either—it’s a human tendency—but become aware of what it is you are doing.

If you are only living in the future, you may become a little fearful of life. You may wonder if you can handle it all…or, how you can live up to yours or someone else’s goals or expectations. It boils down to the simple fact—the thoughts attached to regret over the past, or worry over the future, simply keep us floundering …the energy is in motion but it’s slightly retrogressing, not progressing. And sometimes, we not only do that within a lifetime, but in more than one lifetime. Continue reading

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Your Loved One is With You As You Grieve

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Author’s Letter to All Those Who Have Lost a Loved One

I do know the shock of this loss can seem unbearable at times.  And when the shock wears off, the screaming and crying eventually subside.  Because there are no more tears left to cry, you may stare aimlessly into space or frantically search for anyplace their voice was recorded so you can listen to it over and over again.  You somehow manage to fall asleep at night, only to wake up with the reality of what has happened and the tears start to flow once again.  The depression and despair can sink in…the trauma leaves a scar on your heart that you think will never heal. Continue reading

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What is Universal Life Strings?

Universal Life Strings is an organization created to promote the understanding of death as a part of life and to bring a higher level of understanding where life and the afterlife meet. It appeals to the inner spirituality of every sect.

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